Soap! Box! Plane.

There’s this totally dry McDonalds (company site) commercial about their latest product, the Junior McChicken1. For some kind of reason, it’s funny but, not really. On the other side, Apple released some other funny ads (online!) that appear to convince people to switch to Apple. Not on my watch, but, yes, those ads, are brilliant.

Hear, hear! The Conservatives tabled their first budget: the most remarkable thing of the presentation was that I honestly thought that the Finance Minister had the perfect radio voice. Yes! This message was brought to you by McDonalds.

Having followed the Toronto Airbus crash (no victims), I wonder if this is the first time since ages that an Airbus, well, crashed.

1. Since it’s lobster season, I wouldn’t doubt that their McLobster is soon to be available too.

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