It’s almost 20 years ago that the worst nuclear accident happened in the former USSR, at the nuclear powerplant at Chernobyl. Today, Greenpeace also released a report that claims that the total deathtoll (including cancer related deaths) is around the 93,000. It may as well, be as close as 200,000, if other illnesses are included. Greenpeace actual pressrelease is here and includes the official report (which is in PDF format ~ 2.1 MB). Alternative link for that PDF at the BBC. It’s not just a report written by the ‘stereotypical green-peace freak’: the reports counts many cancer research experts. It’s so thorough, that it’s depressing.

Back in 1986, 2 days before the USSR’s official confirmation of a ‘disaster’, Scandinavian countries reported high discharges of radioactivity in the atmosphere. There were confusing reports too, that was until the first images were released of the Chernobyl area (remember, the Cold War was still at its peak). Most countries issued statements (and warnings) not to harvest specific types of veggies, because of concerns about the radioactive fallout. I can’t remember if these warnings were actually taken serious or not.

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