Daily Archives: November 8, 2007

More power. Unix power.

Last week, Walmart (evil Walmart) started to sell the Everex TC2502 gPC for only 199.00 US (Thanks to the high Canadian dollar, that is in or about 50 dollars CDN1, or for Europeans, that is 5 EUROs: yes, approximately the price of an ordinary pack of cigarettes). It’s out of stock because of three reasons: it runs Linux (an Ubuntu/Debian variant), it carries an extremely low power VIA C7 processor plus, well, it’s cheap. About that Linux flavour: it’s running gOs, a somewhat heavily-web-orientated Linux focused on delivering Google Web applications to the desktop.

I’m not sure, how I ended up at this link (Probably via Linux Devices), but if you consider the above option not ‘green enough’, how about a 12 Watt computer (using an AMD Geode CPU).

And to top it off: Phoenix Technologies introduced a firmware product called HyperSpace, which allows PCs to run a number of applications separate from the host operating system. It’s obviously Linux based (“secure Linux environment”) and the idea is (obviously) to allow people to repair locked up (Windows) systems (sort of like, Knoppix in the BIOS).

1 Hey, for a change it feels funny to say that


I was able to play around with a beta of the upcoming Firefox 3 (which is scheduled for release this year, according to the roadmap) and was a bit underwhelmed mostly because it drags. I was an early adopter of the Gecko-engine: that was back in 1998, 1999 when the project was still in its infancy and called Phoenix. I chose for it because of the program’s small footprint (on several occassions, Alfons afterwards provided me with hand-compiled versions, distributed via his dyndns account). On the other hand, if you compare Firefox to Internet Explorer, at least FireFox obviously tops IE7 standards-wise (Related: LifeHacker’s preview of FireFox 3, Firefox visual refresh).

Then I was asked about my opinion about ‘Android’, or the Open Handset Alliance, an initiative led by (your favourite searchengine) Google. I think this video (or direct link at YouTube) is overly cute but then there is that: I haven’t really used a cell phone in the last past years. When Alfons visited me a month ago, I was startled to see his phone being capable to connect to our local Rogers Network, a feat I wasn’t able to do with my Nokia (company) cellphone when I came over here the first time in 1999 (that is, my provider suggested me to buy a different phone and switch SIM cards). But back to Android: it’s software for the cellphone (or mobile petgadget) and comes with an operating system, middleware and ‘key mobile applications’.

Talking about Google: I was alerted of the fact that my Gmail now sports a new interface. At first I didn’t notice the difference and just now, I found out that I still don’t get what exactly changed (except for slight rounded corners at some spots). I assume that the ‘new thing’ is that Google has finally ported all generic HTML components to their own ‘webkit’ components, a kit which you can find around here (open-sourced).