Daily Archives: October 21, 2006

The tech and then that

Via That's too big of a laptopSlashdot (the thread) a link to a video at C-Net showcasing a Dell laptop with a 20 inch screen. That’s godawful laptop too, as you can tell from the faces of the people nearby the guy carrying the ‘thing’. Weren’t Osbornes this kind of heavy too? Some progress1.

I read that Internet Explorer 7 was officially released this week. What has changed? Too many things to list from the user perspective. Bar none from the Web designer’s perspective. Too many bugs2. It will be interesting too see how many existing software packages broke because of the upgrade.

The US elections are around the corner, and while that’s not so interesting, the problems with the Diebold voting are. Yesterday, someone sent a former Maryland legislator the original sourcecode of the Diebold voting machines. That Diebold apparently has contacted the FBI to check the disks out, so apparently this is a serious leak. Which reminds me: Just a week ago, the Dutch government apparently ordered all software to be replaced in voting machines after an independent group managed to ‘hack’ one of ‘em. The group’s articles are interesting. If I’m not wrong, these are older machines that have been around for a while. And hey, they’re powered by the 68000 processor.

1 I guess the progress is in the 20″ screen…
2 Earlier on xsamplex.

Wandle Band

Wandle Band
col. 1. A group of loitering people. or an organization or part of an organization that has no or lost focus and therefore is (and will be) rudderless.
ex – “After Pam left, the electrical dept. was nothing but a wandle band”

Origin: Comes from ‘wandelband’, a Dutch word that closely resembles (when translated literally) the English word of ‘treadmill’. Also compare with the other (Dutch) meaning of ‘wandelband’, the process of walking home after having a flat tire (either bycycle or car). Or, I think I made that up too.