Trace Contour Tag

Welcome to my tutorial *S*

Although simple, this is for the intermediate/advanced PSP user
as I have no screen shots.
But I also found out that trying is the best way to learn. *S*

This tutorial was written by me and is ©momentzdesignz
Any other tutorial that looks similar is purely coincidental
and no infringement of any other artist is intended.

For this tutorial you will need the following:

Eye Candy 3
A tube of your choice

1 - Open the tube you wish to use
2 - Open a new image - 500 x 500 transparent - [we will resize later]
3 - Foreground set to dark color from your image
4 - Background set to light corresponding color
5 - Go to your tube > Copy
6 - Back to your transparent image > Paste as a New Layer
7 - Effects > Edge Effects > Trace Contour
8 - Effects > Plugins > Eye Candy 3 > Glow
Settings: Choose a nice color from your tube, Width 20, opacity 47,
opacity drop off - Fat
9 - Click ok

10 - Right click on your open image again and paste your tube as a New Layer
11 - Image > Resize > 75%; making sure re-size all layers is Un-checked
12 - Adjust > Sharpness > Unsharp Mask
Settings: Radius 40, Strength 15, Clipping 10
13 - Click ok

14 - Now you will add your text - I used a dark color for mine
and created as a vector so I could move it around.
15 - Sometimes an inner bevel and a drop shadow will enhance your text as well.
16 - These choices are up to you, so just play with the text until you get something you like. :)

Tags can be made simply with no outside filters and using your
imagination is being very creative.

17 - When you have finished with your text, re-size your image, add your watermark and save as a jpg.

And we are finished. I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial *S*

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me.

©momentzdesignz 1999

This tutorial was tested by my dear friend Audra - Thank you! *S*
Below are 2 of her lovely results.

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