Terms of Use for my Tutorials

Terms of Use for my tutorials:
These tutorials were written for the enjoyment and for other psp users to play with and learn.


1 - You may use my tutorial for your own personal use, print it out or save to your pc if you wish.
2 - You may use my tutorial in a standard group, such as yahoo groups as a weekly tutorial but provide a 'text link' only.
3 - Concerning those teaching Lessons:
This I will permit with a text link to my site BUT only after permission has been granted by me.
Please write to me at my email address provided on the site.
I also would like to have these in a group where I can access the pages where you have the lesson posted.
If this is not possible, then please - do not ask.


NOTE: I have a stats page and know who has been to my site.
1 - My tutorials are not allowed to be linked to any Pay Site in anyway.
I write these and provide them freely to those who wish to practice and
play in psp ... I do not charge anyone.
2 - No bandwidth stealing or stealth of any kind.
3 - No translations of my tutorials are allowed in any case.
I am English spoken only and do not want anything interpruted incorrectly with language barriers.


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