Sea Mist Template

Sea Mist Template

Welcome to my tutorial for a template which are
popular because they can be made and saved as
a tube for later use, for sig tags, web page headers, etc.

I have rated this for the intermediate/advanced PSP user
only because I have used no screen shots. But I also found out
that trying is the best way to learn. *S*

This tutorial was written by me and is ©momentzdesignz
Any other tutorial that looks similar is purely coincidental
and no infringement of any other artist is intended.

For this tutorial you will need the following:

PSP 8 - can also be done in psp 7
The mask I used was the Squares from psp8
A tube or tubes of your choice
An image or you can use mine below.

Right click on image and save to your harddrive.

Step 1:

1 - Open your image and duplicate - close the original
2 - Promote your background to Raster layer
3 - Effects > Art Media > Charcoal
settings: Detail 39 and Opacity 49
4 - Layers > Load/Save mask > Load Mask from Disk
Choose: Squares - Source luminance, Fit to canvas, and Show all mask
5 - Click on Load
6 - Click on Mask - Raster 1
7 - Go to: Layers > Delete
When prompted to merge into layer - say Yes
8 - Layers > Merge > Merge Group

Step 2:

1 - This is where we will add our tube or tubes.
2 - Add each tube on a separate layer so you can move them around to where you like them best.
3 - Use the mover tool to adjust the position of the tubes
4 - Using 2 tubes .. you will have to close the bottom layer and
click on 1 of the other layers and Layers
> Merge > Merge visible
5 - On your layer palette click on: Blend Mode > Luminance Legacy
6 - Layers > Merge Layers Visible

Step 3:

Note: This is where you can save your template as a tube and
you will have it whenever you want it for something.
I have chosen for this tutorial to add a 'Welcome' to mine as I have a ton of tags.

Adding yout text:
1 - I set my Foreground to a dark colour from the tube and
the Background to a lighter colour.
2 - Layer > New Raster Layer
3 - Add your text
4 - You can use an inner bevel and a drop shadow if you wish.
5 - Merge Layers Visible
6 - Add your watermark on a new layer and use the mover tool to position it where you want it.
7 - Layers > Merge all flatten
8 - Save as a .jpg

And we are finished. I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial *S*

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me.

©momentzdesignz 1999

This tutorial was tested by my dear friend Audra - Thank you! *S*

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