Raindrop Animated Tag

Welcome to my tutorial *S*

This is a simple animated tutorial using a plugin.
It can be done in any version of PSP.
Please note, this page is graphic intense.

This tutorial was written by me and is ©momentzdesignz
Any other tutorial that looks similar is purely coincidental
and no infringement of any other artist is intended.

For this tutorial you will need the following:

PSP - V8
Raindrop Tube - download
Redfield's Plugin - Water Ripples - here
NOTE: This is a free set of filters that comes with a few demos.

Step 1: Preparing your images.

1 – Start with a new 400 x 400 transparent image
2 - Flood fill with a pretty water color or water pattern. I chose the color blue #8892CE
3 - Layers > New raster layer
4 - Here we will add our name at the TOP of this image. I used a white fill and a small drop shadow.
5 - Layers > Merge All Flatten
6 - This is the main image we are using for the 4 images.
7 - Duplicate this image 3 times - so you have 4 in total
8 - Save each image and call them drop1.psp to drop 4.psp

Step 2 - Adding the first raindrop

1 - Open your raindrop tube
2 - Working on image drop2.psp, copy the tube and paste it on this image as a new layer
3 - View > Ruler
4 - We want the raindrop just below our name on this image
5 - With your mover tool, keeping your co-ordinates approx. 185 across and 76
down to place your tube
6 - Refer to my finished sample above.
7 - Layers > Merge Visible

Step 3 - Adding the first ripple and 2nd raindrop

1 - Now working on drop3.psp
2 - Effects > Plugins > Redfield > Water Ripples

**See screen below: I have kept this large as the lettering and numbers are very small. :)

3 - Click ok when you have the setting - [I saved mine as I may want to use it again]
4 - Now we are going to add our raindrop as it has hit the water to make the ripple.
5 - View > Ruler
6 - Copy and paste your tube again as a new layer
7 - This one we want directly below the one at the top
8 - Using the Mover Tool, keeping the co-ordinates approx. 185 across the
top and so it is halfway into the center of the ripple.
9 - It has hit the water so we will Erase the bottom part off, showing
that it is almost there. [Since this is on its own layer, it is very easy to do]
10 - Layers > Merge > Merge Visible

Step 4 - Adjusting the last image

1 - Now working on drop4.psp
2 - Effects > Plugins > Redfield > Water Ripples

**See screen below:

3 - This effect will give us the 'just splashed' effect :)
This will make us ready for the animation.
4 - Again, save each of your 4 working images as your .psp files.

Step 5 - The Animation

1 - Still in psp - go to: File > Jasc Software Products > Launch Animation Shop
2 - Go to: File > Animation Wizard
** The following will guide you through the next steps:
3 - Window 1 - check same size as the 1st frame
4 - Next: check 'transparent'
5 - Next: check - centered in the frame, with the canvas color and scale frames to fit
6 - Next: check - yes, repeat indefinably and put the number 60 in the box underneath
7 - Next: This is where you add your images. Remember
we have 4. Go to: ADD and look for
where you have them saved and click OPEN.
Keep them in number order.
8 - Click the FINISH button

NOTE: Now you will see your 4 frames on your work space.
9 - Go to: Tool Bar > View > Animation
10 - If you are happy with your raindrop tag, then it is time to re-size :) as it is quite large.
11 - Go to: Animation > Resize Animation > Resize > I resized mine by 50%

This takes care of the whole animation.

Step 4: Finishing

1 - On the Tool Bar > View Animation
2 - If you are happy with what you have, we will save it as a .gif
3 - File > Save As
4 - Give it a name and the .gif extension is already there
5 - Click > Save and since the program gives us the best optimization
- just click . Next > Next > Finish

And we are finished. I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial *S*

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me.

©momentzdesignz 1999

This tutorial was tested by my dear friend Audra .. Thanks so much! :)

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