Plaid Texture Tag

Welcome to my tutorial *S*

Although simple, this is for the intermediate/advanced PSP user
as I have no screen shots. But I also found out
that trying is the best way to learn. *S*

This tutorial was written by me and is ©momentzdesignz
Any other tutorial that looks similar is purely coincidental
and no infringement of any other artist is intended.

For this tutorial you will need the following:

PSP - V8
Tube I used - download
Mask - v8 #145 or 1 of your choice
Plaid Texture - download
NOTE: Save this texture to your psp8 Textures folder.

For this tag I am providing the tube and the colors. Feel free to use your own :)

1 - Open a new image - 500 x 500 transparent - [we will resize later]
2 - Foreground set to #F4E9DD
3 - Background set to #A63116
4 - We will also set the Background Pattern at this time:
   a - click on your background
   b - Go to Pattern on the left side and find your dark color
   b - Find your Textures button on the Right side, click it and scroll down
and look in the list for Plaid
5 - Click ok and again ok to close this window
NOTE: you should now see your Plaid Texture in your background area

6 - Raster 1 - Flood fill with your Foreground Color
7 - Raster 2 - Flood fill with your Plaid Background color
8 - Layers > Merge > Merge Visible
9 - Layers > mask > Load from disk - I used Mask #145 for my effect
Settings checked: Source luminance, Fit to canvas and Hide all mask
10 - Right click on mask layer and chose Delete.
Answer yes when asked if you want to merge into bottom Layer.
11 - Layers > Merge > Merge Group

12 - Highlight your tube and Edit > Copy
13 - Back to your masked image and click on the top and Paste as a new Layer
14 - Effects > 3D Effects > Drop Shadow
Settings: V & H both at -3, opacity 70, blur 7.00 and color - Black
15 - Layers > merge > Merge Visible

~ Applying the Plaid Text

16 - Add a new Layer
17 - Set your foreground and background BOTH to the light color
18 - Also select the plaid color in your patterns as before
19 - Have both the light colours in your Material palette
20 - Choose your text and font as floating - These will show up as the light color.
21 - While still floating - change your background to your plaid pattern
22 - flood fill your selected text with the plaid pattern
23 - Keep selected
24 - Effects > 3D Effects > Inner Bevel
Settings: Bevel #2, width 5, smoothness 7, depth 4, ambience -15, shininess 30,
color - white, angle 315, intensity 47 and elevation 40
25 - Keep selected and ADD the following Drop Shadow
Settings: V 1, H 0, opacity 70, blur 7.00 and color - black
26 - Selections > Select None
27 - Resize, add your watermark and save as a .jpg

Note: I sometimes save mine as a .psp file so I can add a background later.

And we are finished. I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial *S*

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me.

©momentzdesignz 1999

This tutorial was tested by my dear friend Audra - Thank you! *S*

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