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Some KDE

I run a mix of Gnome and KDE on one of my computers: for a couple of Mono related things, I ended up frequently running the Gnome desktop. Just today, I decided to follow-up on the notifications telling me that … Continue reading

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I, Recurse

So, yeah: I was sitting at work and the snow starts falling down in the morning and before I know it, it’s chaos in town. On my way to King’s Square, I was most of the time sliding around or … Continue reading

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If you weren’t aware of it, K/Ubuntu 8.10 is about to be released in a couple of days, actually, to be exact, on October 30th. I’ve seen the casual screenshots around of sand-brownish looking desktops and windows-dressing. Those reviews all … Continue reading

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Four, then II

Observations on KDE 4.1: 1. Everytime I restarted, Kate (the editor) and Kopete kept starting up: I didn’t find any references to these programs in the regular location (.kde4/Autostart), so I did a grep on ps (as in ‘ps -e … Continue reading

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Four, then

I decided to give KDE 4.1 a go on my current Ubuntu (Hardy Heron) install: There are many sites around with instructions how to install KDE on your Gnome-enabled installation, so I won’t go in too many details. The idea … Continue reading

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En. Ix.

I haven’t touched my (personal) Windows laptop for a while: mainly because, I’ve been (primarily) using Ubuntu for things I normally did on Windows. This is both a good and bad sign: First of all, I’ve settled on using specific … Continue reading

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So, after the “Ubuntu installation” dust is settling, it’s time to add some ‘candy’ to your desktop. After all, the default Gnome docks look quite boring. – You can look for Themes and that over at Art at Gnome or … Continue reading

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Dark is the night

There were a couple of interesting things that made it in my reading list, this week: Obviously, you may have heard of the official launch of Ubuntu ‘Hardy Heron’ (or if you’re into version numbering, version 8.04). There’s lots of … Continue reading

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Huh. huh?

I was trying to play a QuickTime movie on Ubuntu (“Hardy Heron”, 8.04) and was surprised to find out that Totem (the default Mozilla plug-in for streaming movies) had a (ahem) hard time to play the movie. VLC to the … Continue reading

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Them links

Via Suzanne Vega’s site, I found out that she nowadays (also) blogs for the New York Time’s ‘Measure for Measure’ periodical. There are other musicians writing for that very same blog: the only (other) familiar author is Roseanne Cash. You’re … Continue reading

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More Ubuntu

More annotations on Ubuntu: The installation of MonoDevelop was a no-brainer: I think the .Net runtimes are installed the moment you install Ubuntu. I may port one minor application to Mono, if I have time later this evening. At one … Continue reading

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The imminent

The CBC has an article about the prediction that Windows is about to ‘collapse’, because of Microsoft’s inaction towards the marked after the introduction of Windows Vista. Other industry experts say that Microsoft knows it’s Windows days are dwindling, which … Continue reading

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Oh. Noes!

Yesterday, my two sets of Ubuntu 7.10 (“Gutsy Gibbon”) arrived by snail-mail, which means that I’ll be upgrading my ‘v1r7u41 b0xen’ this weekend. Once again, the package came with free stickers. Hey, Sun, what’s that? Still no free stickers with … Continue reading

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